Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry Could Follow NFL to London

Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry Could Follow NFL to London

MLB matches have previously been played in Mexico and Japan, nations that have a baseball culture, but the London series would reach a new audience. Yankees manager Aaron Boone also hopes that some high-profile fans will be in attendance if the games are played at the London Stadium.

On Monday, a report from Bloomberg said that details for a two-game series at London Stadium are still in the works. The Red Sox have the option of having both games be Red Sox home games.

"Really?" he said. "I've never been to London, so if that's true, maybe I'm going to London".

The franchises have connections to the Premier League as well, with the Yankees in a partnership with Manchester City, while Red Sox owner John Henry also owns Liverpool.

However, the Major League Baseball has not yet ventured into the European market, a bridge that has already been crossed by the National Basketball Association and the NFL, who have both made a visit to the British capital a tradition.

MLB chose the June window because it is after the Premier League season and before the stadium must be made available for summer track and field events.

Major League Baseball games set for 2018-2021 in Asia, London, and Mexico were previously announced as part of the newest five-year collective bargaining agreement, signifying the sport's intent to make a more aggressive worldwide push.

The most recent collective bargaining agreement between owners and players, which was ratified in 2016, includes a commitment to multiple worldwide destinations. "I don't think we have totally closed the door on that, but I would say it's very unlikely".

The last time the Yankees played overseas was in 2004, when they faced the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in Tokyo in a two-game series. The Minnesota Twins and Cleveland Indians will play an April series at San Juan's Hiram Bithorn Stadium, while the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers are already scheduled to play a Monterrey series in May. The collective bargaining agreement had a provision for a 2019 opener in Toyko.

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