Jets 'rescinded' offer to free-agent Ndamukong Suh

Jets 'rescinded' offer to free-agent Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong Suh won't be pestering quarterbacks in a Jets uniform next season. Thanks to head coach Sean McVay, their offense did a complete 180-degree turn in just one season as they led the league in scoring previous year.

So, the fact that after just a few days the Jets are already rescinding their offer shows that there may have been a change of plans coming down from the top, something CEO Christopher Johnson confirmed.

"When he was cut, we looked into him", general manager Mike Maccagnan said from the NFL Annual Meeting on Monday. While the New York Jets have taken themselves out of the running by rescinding their contract offer, Suh is still mulling over his other offers from the Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints, and Tennessee Titans.

"Our thinking just changed a bit", Johnson told reporters today at the owners' meeting. Johnson acknowledged that the Jets had made "a pretty high offer" to Suh, adding, "It's a lot of money".

The staff felt that Suh, 31, could be a valuable addition, a disruptive player who could draw extra blockers.

Walking away from Suh also leaves the Jets decidedly thin at defensive line, which, at least at first glance, features talented youngster Leonard Williams and not much else. "And he's one of the best football players out there".

"I don't want to be a flash in the pan", Johnson said, speaking of his team-building approach. "In discussion with Mike, looking into what our plan is, it became apparent to the two of us that this just didn't work". "This is about building something great long-term". "It doesn't hurt at all that we have an terrible lot of money that we might have been sending out the door to one player now back with us".

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