Epic's Fortnite mobile is now available for everyone to download

Epic's Fortnite mobile is now available for everyone to download

Battle royale title Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) arrived on iOS and Android devices for free on March 20 and dino-hunting title ARK: Survival Evolved is set to arrive on mobile devices sometime this Spring.

Fortnite is arguably one of the biggest games in the world right now, largely in part to its PvP Battle Royale mode. This game will arrive on Android devices soon, however we do not have a release date for that yet.

Fortnite Intel recently reported that a new in-game message that appears in Fortnite has confirmed that the Vending Machine will be on the way for all.

If you've somehow missed out on the bonafide phenomenon that is Fortnite, the iOS version is a great way to dive in for the first time. Coming to mobile has introduced the game to an even larger audience. The developers are not letting themselves off that easy, this week's Fortnite Update will be bringing a new Vending Machine. It also remains to be seen if there will only be one of these machines on the map or if they will be spread around like loot chests. Alcohol addiction troubles many but you don't get breweries asking for it to be labelled "Unstoppabble Beer Syndrome" just to make those without problems feel better.

Fortnite fans had already assumed a vending machine was on the way after data miners found evidence of the item in the game's code.

Reid suggest the game gets played a lot as it has been "carefully created to deliver a truly engaging experience" and that's why people can't stop playing it, so it should not be labelled addictive.

We're all for fun and games, but don't forget to put down the controller every once and a while!

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