In An Attempt To Beat Obesity, UK Rolls Out Sugar Tax

In An Attempt To Beat Obesity, UK Rolls Out Sugar Tax

Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, chair of the Royal College of Global Positioning System, said: "A tax on sugary drinks is a positive move forward in tackling this obesity epidemic".

For drinks with a sugar content of 8g or more per 100ml - a sugar content of 8% or above - the tax adds 24p per litre to the cost.

The rationale for the sugar tax, first devised by George Osborne when chancellor in 2016, is simple.

"We were reformulating our drinks to reduce their sugar content for many years before the tax was announced, we've done 34 reformulations since 2005, and there is ample data which shows that the sugar people consume from soft drinks has declined significantly over the last decade and continues to do so".

Shortly after the 2016 announcement, Lucozade Ribena Suntory launched Lucozade Zero in the United Kingdom, citing "the nation's changing health agenda". The likes of Lucozade, Ribena and Irn-Bru have already changed their recipes so that they fall outside of the taxable thresholds. Lastly, an expected revenue of £240m ($340) is expected to be raked by the government - that money will be invested in schools sports and breakfast clubs.

The government's move is created to reduce rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes, with childhood obesity levels continuing to rise in the UK.

"I think that is a matter for parents to decide for themselves and the tax system should be there to raise the venue the country needs to pay its way".

'Our teenagers consume almost a bathtub of sugary drinks each year on average, fuelling a worrying obesity trend in this country, ' Public Health Minister Steve Brine said. And how much sugar is in the most popular drinks?

Leading brands in the United Kingdom, such as Fanta, Ribena and Lucozade, have cut the sugar content of drinks.

Tesco, Co-op, and Asda have all opted to do this - although they will still be stocking branded soft-drinks, which may still carry the levy. They also discovered sugar taxes will most improve the health of the poorest, who are more affected by non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer, which are affected by diet (The Telegraph).

The reduction in sugar was large: Fanta Orange saw a 33% decrease, Fruit Twist went down by 25% and the lemon flavour saw the biggest drop with a 46% decrease in the amount of sugar in a bottle.

A Coca-Cola Great Britain spokeswoman explained their decision to WalesOnline. "As that has happened, obesity rates have continued to rise".

Every day, 141 children have teeth extracted in hospital and some are as young as one year old.

Experts say cutting down on sugar would drive down obesity and slash hospital admissions. The price of a can of coke, which contains about seven teaspoons of sugar, has gone up by 8p.

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