Plans For Undertaker, John Cena Match At WrestleMania 34

Plans For Undertaker, John Cena Match At WrestleMania 34

The competition takes place live Sunday 8 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

Undertaker hinted at retirement a year ago after losing an emotional WrestleMania match to Roman Reigns.

The card is set for WWE's biggest showcase, WrestleMania 34. "So, I'm going to miss it". Now they're facing each other on an even grander stage.

And the excitement seems to have got to Browne as he seems tempted by the thought of being Braun Strowman's tag-team partner.

Cena, who does not have any opponent to face at Wrestlemania, addressed the WWE Universe in this week's Raw and said that he would take the Undertaker's silence as a "no" and will attend the pay-per-view as a fan. Such actions would allow Owens and Zayn to win the match and regain their employment with the blue brand. Are we going to get a repeat of Brock's lackluster appearance at Wrestlemania 20 where he was heading out the door and clearly did not care about his match with Goldberg?

I'm still on the fence about whether Nakamura is ready to hold the WWE Championship. The speculation out now about a possible heel turn involving Bryan turning on McMahon to side with Owens and Zayn is intriguing. So, maybe we'll see, " The Rock tells The Undertaker has not answered any of the John Cena's provocative calls to accept the match against him at the upcoming PPV. While the level of sport may not be as high as in WWE, the showrunning is better, as putting the best matches last gives fans a reason to sit through the entire show. Cena vs. The Undertaker is one of three matches that could conceivably close Sunday's show. The bigger question is whether The Undertaker will appear as The Deadman or if he will revive his American Badass character. Meanwhile, Asuka is undefeated, and Carmella looms in the background with her Money in the Bank briefcase.

The Miz has elevated the Intercontinental Championship to new heights and will be looking at WrestleMania to be his victory lap following a stellar 2017. Rusev winning the U.S. Title would elicit a huge pop, but my hunch is that Orton retains.

When WrestleMania kicks off Sunday afternoon, WWE will hope to transplant fan in the building and those watching at home to a new world. I work that long, sure, but I take a break for lunch in the middle of that time.

As this is a shortlist, plenty of noteworthy people are going to be excluded, and that isn't to say that they won't make a splash, but that I just don't think they're going to be as highly prioritized as the people who were able to make the cut.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal: It's hard to pick a victor when all the participants haven't been revealed, but based on the 14 names that have been announced, I'm going with Primo Colon. His two subsequent losses to Cena sent him spiraling down the card, and his storyline with Dolph Ziggler that summer harmed everyone involved more than it helped them. Of course there's also a chance that an NXT talent wins it like Baron Corbin did in 2016. Perhaps The Monster Among Men will team up with a returning Big Cass who matches him in height, or even Elias in a fun twist that would put the former rivals together. We don't know numerous superstars who will be entering the battle royal.

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