Is this the strongest clue yet about royal baby name?

Is this the strongest clue yet about royal baby name?

Albert has been a popular name in the British royal family ever since the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840, it's appeared in almost every generation of the family in some way.

Although the name had not been officially announced, the Rector of Sandringham made a mention in a prayer for "Peter and Autumn Phillips and their daughter Savannah".

But, another name has crept in as a favourite - and that's Alexander.

Despite announcing the their first two children's names just two days after their arrival, Prince William and Kate Middleton are keeping us waiting a little longer to find out that of their third.

On the second day after the birth of his third heir Prince William joined brother Harry and his beloved Meghan Markle during a memorial service in Westminster Abbey. Prince Charles is travelling for ANZAC day commemorations, and will pay a visit once he returns to England later in the week.

However, for the first time, it looks like we have a very strong clue as to what they will pick.

She wrote on Twitter: "So, no baby name today".

"It's just lucky that the baby itself arrived a couple of days before". Seen leaving with Prince George in the auto, Carole has definitely taken on the role of helpful mother-especially as Prince William is still working (and falling asleep on the job!).

The Duke of Cambridge has revealed that he is "still working" on choosing a name for the new royal baby.

Alexander said: "Have you thought of the name Alexander for him?" to which William replied: "Well it's amusing you should say that. It's a good name".

Most notably, Albert was the beloved husband of Queen Victoria - thus it's popped up among several of the full names of her distinguished descendants.

Her mother the Duchess of Kent had wanted to call her Georgiana Charlotte Augusta Alexandrina Victoria, but was overruled by Prince Regent, the future George IV, who said she must be called Alexandrina Victoria in tribute to Russian Tsar Alexander I.

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