Superintendent Charged With Pooping On High School Football Field

Superintendent Charged With Pooping On High School Football Field

Police officers said they had just observed him in the act. Yes, the man who is in charge of the school system in Holmdel, and is paid nearly $150K per year to do so, has been relieving himself almost daily on the football field.

In desperation, they called on police to launch an investigation.

Thomas Tramaglini was arrested Monday and charged with public defecation, littering and lewdness. School employees and police began monitoring the area.

The superintendent for the Kenilworth School District is accused of defecating on or near the football and track fields of a high school in Holmdel "on a daily basis", police said Thursday.

On Monday at 05:50 local time (09:50 GMT), officers approached the superintendent while he was running at the school track that is the scene of the alleged crime. "Human Waste and Earth's Future" exhibition at The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation - Miraikan on July 1, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. Per state law, leave can only be unpaid if a person is indicted or faces tenure charges, the Kenilworth Public Schools said. APP lists his annual salary as $147,504.

Effective immediately, Brian Luciani, our Director of Academics, will assume the responsibilities of the office of superintendent of schools.

The superintendent will make a court appearance on May 7.

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