Taylor Swift visits recovering fan in Phoenix hospital

Taylor Swift visits recovering fan in Phoenix hospital

McCune's burns will keep her from attending Swift's tour opener in Phoenix on Tuesday, so the pop star brought a little ray of sunshine to her young fan in a hospital visit.

Isabella McCune was hoping to see Swift's show in Glendale Tuesday, but she'll still be recovering in the hospital.

The girl's family left a video on Wednesday of her asking for Swift to see as she couldn't leave a medical facility to get the singer's concert next week.

A few days later, she surprised everyone by turning up to meet her sick fan in a yellow gown and even took the sweetest pictures with not only Isabella and her family but also with the hospital staff!

Isabella has undergone 11 operations, including skin grafting on 50 per cent of her body, after she was severely burned in a fire pit explosion on St Patrick's Day (17Mar18).

"She was about to leave and I said 'Taylor, can I have a hug?' And she said, 'Yeah!"

Lilly revealed Taylor had been too afraid to hug Isabella in case she hurt her.

As AZ Central documented, 8-year-old Isabella McCune recently recorded a video for Taylor Swift. She said if she were to listen to Taylor Swift music, it would be a good distraction. (Swift will be joined on the road by none other than Charli XCX and Camila Cabello.) "I can not wait for you to come to my concert", she reportedly told McCune. "They hugged and it was so heartfelt. We have so much respect for them and how they raised her". I knew it meant a lot to Isabella'. It says "Isabella! I hope you feel better soon, and I'm so honored you've been listening to my music".

Taylor Swift's "Reputation Tour" is set to run until November 9, 2018, and this likely won't be the only time during it that she makes us misty-eyed.

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