Hulu Eyeing Brooklyn Nine-Nine After Cancellation

Hulu Eyeing Brooklyn Nine-Nine After Cancellation

It's true that Brooklyn Nine-Nine was cancelled on Thursday by Fox - along with other shows The Mick and Last Man Standing - to make room for its slate of new fall shows and Thursday Night Football.

Fans on Twitter reacted to the cancellation using gifs from the show, and hoped for a renewal of the show using the hashtag #renewb99.

A Hulu deal would mirror the streaming platform's pickup of another single-camera comedy, The Mindy Project, after its cancellation by Fox.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans late Thursday called for Netflix or Hulu to swoop in and save the show from its fate; even some of the show's cast members urged fans to reach out.

Since the show started, it has become the second longest-running live-action comedy series the company has had on its listings, next to the now defunct New Girl, which also ends this month.

Wait, what?!?!?! "Why was Brooklyn Nine Nine cancelled?". Sure, it wasn't a home run, but come on. Netflix, NBC and TBS also spoke with Universal TV, which produces the series, to see if the series was up for grabs.

Created by the Parks and Recreation duo of Dan Goor and Michael Schur, Brooklyn Nine-Nine centers on Peralta (Golden Globe victor Samberg), a screwball who happens to be a real good cop.

Miranda, the creator of the Broadway smash Hamilton tweeted in all-caps, "RENEW BROOKLYN NINE-NINE. I think there are a lot of families with kids who watch our show, and unfortunately at 9:30, that means they're often watching it in a time-shifted way because kids aren't staying up that late". Melissa Fumero (Amy), Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa) and Joe LoTruglio (Charles) have all made statements on Twitter about the show.

As a fan of the show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine would do better if it was picked up by Netflix. The show's numbers held strong between seasons 1 and 2, but began to decline precipitously from season 3 onwards.

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