Interview Magazine, founded by Andy Warhol, shuts down

Interview Magazine, founded by Andy Warhol, shuts down

A publication created by Andy Warhol almost 50 years ago, "Interview" magazine, has folded amid legal disputes with former staffers who allege the company owes them hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation.

Staffers announced the news on Twitter that Interview Magazine would cease its print and web publications. In 2008, the publication went through another shift when co-editorial directors Fabien Baron and Glenn O'Brien took over.

In 1989, billionaire art collector and Warhol admirer Peter Brant purchased the glossy art and culture magazine from Warhol's estate. According to the New York Post, the magazine was evicted from its Soho office in February after Brant Publications apparently stopped paying the landlord. In a more recent issue, transgender journalist Janet Mock interviewed reality celeb Kim Kardashian. Templer was previously accused by an anonymous woman in the Spotlight investigation of overstepping professional boundaries, a charge he vehemently denied the claims, saying: "I deny these vague and anonymous allegations".

Prior to his departure from the magazine in April, Baron had worked at Interview for 10 years.

But in its glory days, little conferred sophistication like appearing on the cover of Interview, then named Andy Warhol's InterVIEW. Former sales representative and eventually associate publisher Jane Katz previous year sued the magazine for unpaid wages of more than $230,000, along with claims that she was unjustly fired.

Former associate publisher Jane Katz also claims Interview owes her unpaid wages to the tune of $230,000.

Many others are owed money by the publication to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to NYO, which also reports it has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

In 2004, a collection of the best of the magazine was collected in a 7-volume box set, titled Andy Warhol's Interview: The Crystal Ball of Pop Culture (Volume 1: Best of the First Decade 1969-1979) that came encased in wooden suitcase designed by Karl Largerfeld, with an introduction written by Elton John.

"I always thought it should be for new people", Warhol said of Interview in 1977", but I guess there aren't enough new people to buy it".

Truman Capote was one of Interview's earliest contributors, and Warhol also conducted many interviews.

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