Michael Cohen seeking restraining order against Michael Avenatti

Michael Cohen seeking restraining order against Michael Avenatti

Also on Friday, Cohen lost his bid for an emergency gag order to stop Michael Avenatti, a lawyer for adult film actress Stormy Daniels, from maligning him in frequent media appearances.

She notes that her husband is now being represented by a team of eight attorneys in the case being held in Travis County, Texas, with one of his lawyers being Wallace B. Jefferson, a former chief justice of the Texas Supreme Court. Trump has said he never had an affair with Daniels.

"Mr. Avenatti's actions are mainly driven by his seemingly unquenchable thirst for publicity", Cohen's attorney, Brent Blakely, said in a filing late Thursday in federal court in Los Angeles.

The material is the most recent to be produced to Cohen's legal team out of more than 3.7 million items seized in an Federal Bureau of Investigation search of his home, hotel room and office in April.

Cohen is the focus of an investigation in the Southern District of NY into whether he violated campaign-finance laws or committed bank fraud, wire fraud, illegal lobbying, or other crimes. He said the request for a restraining order is part of a long pattern by Trump of trying to infringe the free-speech rights of people who challenge him. Trump subsequently acknowledged that he reimbursed Cohen for that payment. "This must be their birthday present to Mr. Trump", he added. "Reporters, judges, adversaries, attys", he said in a Friday tweet.

If Cohen's team can't finish reviewing the remaining documents to make privilege designations by the deadline, Wood might turn the rest over to a "taint team" of government prosecutors to finish the review, she said. "It would change your conduct". Trump has posted "incendiary tweets" about the case to his 52 million followers, Avenatti has said, including claims that Clifford's assertions are "false and extortionist" and that he'd sue her for $20 million.

Otero agreed in April to temporarily halt Clifford's case after Cohen said he'd invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination if he were asked to testify.

"This is the worst move the White House could be making at a time when the president is potentially most vulnerable and others are most vulnerable", a lawyer close to the case told CBS News. This means that instead of notifying and serving Avenatti, Cohen filed his application directly with the court; in ex parte applications, if the judge grants the requested order, it is on a temporary basis until both sides can be heard at a hearing on the matter.

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