Blatter, ex-FIFA president, meets Russia's Putin at World Cup

Blatter, ex-FIFA president, meets Russia's Putin at World Cup

Blatter, 82, said he had dined with Putin on Wednesday and congratulated him on Russia's organisation.

"It is emotional to come here, football is still my life, you can not stop that after working for 41 years in football", he said.

"Today I saw Infantino and Blatter at the stadium, it's true", TASS quoted Sorokin as saying.

"I still feel that England, the motherland of football, should have a World Cup when it's the turn of Europe", said Blatter, pointing out that 1966 was a long time ago.

In 2015, he was banned from "all football activities" for eight years, later reduced to six on appeal, over ethics breaches when he was found to have made a £1.3m "disloyal payment" to ex-Uefa boss Michel Platini.

Blatter's successor as Federation Internationale de Football Association president, Gianni Infantino - who played his part in that cringeworthy showing for the television cameras while sat between the two leaders - won't mind either. "He should not be embarrassed because I am going to watch some matches", Blatter told reporters.

"We have good contacts with Mr Infantino".

He claimed he has spoken to several senior figures in the game on the phone and they have welcomed him to the World Cup and said it was a "lost opportunity" on FIFA's part not to make "a little effort" on his behalf.

Blatter's trip to Russian Federation marks the first time he has left his homeland in three years, and he met with Putin on Tuesday where he said they engaged in "small talk".

"There have been no concrete agreements or understandings, and no specific discussions are being conducted now", the spokesman said at the time. "You have to congratulate Russian Federation for the organisation of the World Cup, and naturally the head of state himself".

Thankfully, Blatter will be gone by the end of the week, and can stop pretending the World Cup is all about him.

This restriction applies to all games of the world Cup, and not only performances of the Russian team. "How I was received here, television, cameras, people, photographs, and so on", he said.

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