Police name murder suspect in Los Angeles store hostage standoff

Police name murder suspect in Los Angeles store hostage standoff

It was not immediately known where the woman was when she was shot.

Authorities say earlier Saturday the man shot his grandmother and girlfriend.

Authorities later caught up to him in Hollywood - using stolen vehicle technology - and exchanged gunfire with him during a auto chase.

The chase ended with Atkins crashing the auto outside the store and heading inside. Gunshots were fired during the chase.

A TraderJoe's employee is comforted after a suspect barricaded inside the supermarket in Silverlake, Los Angeles, on July 21, 2018.

Los Angeles police identified a gunman Sunday suspected of holding hostages inside a Trader Joe's in Silver Lake that resulted in the death of a woman. He appeared to be handcuffed when he walked out.

The grandmother, shot a number of times, was in a critical condition, police said.

Heavily armed officers in riot gear stood along the side of the store and used mirrors to look inside as hostage negotiators tried to coax the man into freeing his 40-50 hostages and surrendering.

The man exchanged gunfire with police again and that's when a 27-year-old Trader Joe's employee, Melyda Corado, was shot and killed, Police Chief Michel Moore said.

"I was walking in when a vehicle crashed running from the police crashed into street lamp in front of the entrance".

The gunfire shattered the glass doors, Kohles said, and the gunman ran inside and "down the middle aisle". Kohles hurried inside, and he and others took cover as the man ran in.

The suspect had a pistol in his hand and "just started opening fire on the police behind him", Devin Field said.

After shooting his grandmother and his girlfriend at about 1:30 Saturday afternoon, Atkins forced his wounded girlfriend into his grandmother's vehicle and sped across the Mid City of Los Angeles. A police pursuit ensued and he allegedly shot at officers, but no officers were injured. At least one officer returned fire, he added.

A suspect was barricaded inside a supermarket in the USA city of Los Angeles on Saturday, police said, in what U.S. media reported was a possible hostage situation. Hyperion Avenue is scheduled to reopen by noon on Sunday, police said.

Among those caught up in the incident was 91-year-old Don Kohles, who was walking into the supermarket when he saw "two police cars coming like a bat out of hell" and the man crashed into the pole.

"I was walking in when a vehicle. running from the police crashed into street lamp in front of the entrance".

Gene Atkins is being held on a $2-million bail on suspicion of murder for Saturday's attacks, said Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Drake Madison.

The Los Angeles Police Department tweeted there was an "active incident" at a Trader Joe's in the Silver Lake area.

The Associated Press contributed reporting. The gunman fled from cops and took the second female victim with him.

Photos posted on social media showed people trying to exit the supermarket through a window and video from television news helicopters showed others leaving through the front door with their hands up.

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