by | November 04, 2016 | 02:33

The Mark Zuckerberg-founded site also saw net income rise from 896 million dollars (£728m) in 2015 to 2.4 billion dollars (£1.9bn) in the last quarter. "We believe Facebook's operating momentum, high growth, and reasonable valuation continue to suggest it should be a core tech holding", Graham said in a note.

by | November 03, 2016 | 06:02

The company has 1 year Price Target of $9.06. Ford Motor Co. said its sales figures would be delayed until later in the week due to an electrical fire at its headquarters that stopped dealers from reporting sales to its data center. Sales fell even though automakers increased average discounts per vehicle by 12 percent to $3,726 per vehicle, according to J.D. Power. "Based on initial estimates, GM outperformed the entire USA retail industry by a wide margin", the company said in a ...

by | November 02, 2016 | 03:49

The new MacBook Pro will feature the Intel core i5 or i7 processor with the blazing fast 16GB DDR4 RAM, but some might have questioned that why there is no 32GB RAM inside the new MacBook Pros. Apple announced that it would not be updating the Macbook Air line at present ( Read never). Despite looking somewhat familiar on the outside, under the hood Apple has made quite a lot of changes to its new MacBook Pro.

by | November 02, 2016 | 03:47

Whether it will ever offer something more, we don't know. What do you hope to see in the next Mass Effect installment? Some uncertain time after the events of the original trilogy drove humanity back to their home circling boring old Sol, the Andromeda Initiative is recruiting courageous adventurers to seek out "a future beyond the Milky Way".

by | November 01, 2016 | 00:30

Tenna divulged that, after Redmi 3s, Redmi Pro , and Redmi Prime, Xiaomi Redmi 4 will be the next successor of Redmi 3 and will house a number of high-end specs. The fingerprint scanner is placed on the back of both of these phones, and both the power / lock and volume rocker physical keys are implemented on the right.

by | October 27, 2016 | 15:30

Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda told MarketWatch that his expectations for this item were much lower and noted that Nintendo's portion of the profits suggest that Pokemon Go raked in more than ¥60 billion during the third quarter.

by | October 27, 2016 | 15:27

Sixteen people - including two teenage girls who needed leg amputations - were injured at UK's Alton Towers park in 2015. On the long-term incentive, Mr Golden said the payment was less certain. "I hope that I will be able to help them and if I can't help them personally, we will make sure we have everything in place to assist them through this tragedy".

by | October 26, 2016 | 07:54

Four reform measures undertaken by India during the year helped the country improve its DTF score, said the World Bank. Augusto Lopez-Claros, Director, Global Indicators Group at the WB, praised the government for the reforms it undertook previous year and noted that India had made a noticeable improvement in the distance to frontier (DTF) score - an absolute measure of progress towards best practices.

by | October 26, 2016 | 07:56

The trappings of being the world's best female tennis player are starting to feel normal for Angelique Kerber. Even as Halep's clever net play and searing down-the-line winners saved two match points, Kerber resisted, pushing the ball across the net repeatedly until an errant Halep backhand sealed the win .

by | October 24, 2016 | 00:44

Your PlayStation 4 dashboard will soon host a Tournaments feature, in collaboration with ESL. The latest salvo in the ongoing battle for console gaming supremacy against rival Microsoft, Sony's PlayStation Tournaments aims to add support for high-profile official pro-gaming competitions to the platform - including, for its first outing, prizes for the top three winners including a DualShock 4 controller and unspecified 'PlayStation gear '.

by | October 22, 2016 | 06:53

Samsung had to recall and stop production for the Galaxy Note 7 after there were reports of the device exploding. "We are looking at diverse suppliers, including LG Chem", a Samsung rep was quoted by Maeil Business Newspaper. "We expect that the company will gain its market share on the back of new launches", he said on the sidelines of the launch of a new version of "My Galaxy" application.

by | October 21, 2016 | 01:21

Gamespot posted up the new gameplay trailer, which sees Link going around and finding interesting new creatures before doing away with them by killing them. The launch of the game's new official Japanese site has brought us a fresh look at the game's attractive open world, complete with some dramatic dynamic weather effects.

by | October 21, 2016 | 01:13

New York Giants kicker Josh Brown admits committing domestic violence upon his ex-wife in letters, messages and a journal, according to police documents related to a 2015 arrest. Giants kicker Josh Brown on the practice field Thursday afternoon in East Rutherford . One night, according to Ostrum's written report, Josh had pounded on Molly's door (the two were staying in separate rooms) and after Molly refused to let him in, she called security.

by | October 20, 2016 | 07:59

A suspected Russian hacker arrested recently in the Czech Republic was involved in a massive 2012 data breach at LinkedIn , the professional social networking company says. In a statement, the Russian embassy in Prague added that it "is taking every effort to protect the interests of the Russian citizen". The FBI acknowledged that because "cyber crime can originate anywhere in the world, global cooperation is crucial to successfully defeat cyber adversaries".

by | October 20, 2016 | 07:58

In a bid to retain customers, Samsung Electronics is giving larger financial incentives to people who choose to exchange the ill-fated Galaxy Note7 for another smartphone from the company, rather than seek a refund. "It is hard to measure such impact". Samsung posted earnings of US$7.2 billion in the second quarter, with mobile profits - its biggest earner - soaring 57 percent.

by | October 19, 2016 | 01:50

Schilling said he acted with no malice and didn't steal anything or do anything illegal. I'm not anxious - it doesn't scare me. Schilling, who retired in 2007 following a glittering 19-year in the major leagues, was also pressed by Rhode Islanders about the collapse of his video-game company 38 Studios , which received a $75m taxpayer-backed loan in 2010.

by | October 19, 2016 | 01:32

This means that unlike other phone makers, Samsung does not send batteries to third-party sites for tests. The Gaurdian noted that "In Europe, Germany's Air Berlin banned the Note 7 from flights from Saturday, while rival Lufthansa said that the device was banned on United States flights and will soon be prohibited on all others".

by | October 18, 2016 | 01:27

The healthy subscriber gains support Netflix's contentions that it had hit a temporary hiccup in customer growth because of recent price changes that resulted in an effective price increase of $1 or $2 a month for many people. It reiterated that it expects to start delivering material global profits next year. Netflix also said that it has had better than expected growth in global markets.

by | October 16, 2016 | 02:14

Individuals who own or possess a Samsung Galaxy Note7 device may not transport the device on their person, in carry-on baggage, or in checked baggage on flights to, from, or within the United States. Despite the recall and complete pull-out of the Note 7 production, the company's numbers are still up mainly thanks to the components businesses. In the meanwhile, Samsung has also started working hard for its next year release.

by | October 14, 2016 | 01:33

While those initial fears were definitely warranted giving past performance, it appears that everyone was getting worked up over nothing. In addition, Google has also offered confirmation to ArsTechnica , stating that the updates will be offered at the same time for the unlocked Pixel phones as well as the Verizon devices.

by | October 13, 2016 | 03:18

From his balcony on the 12th floor, neighbour Nick Casey said he looked up to see Miss Wright hanging over Tostee's balcony and screamed to her to climb back over. "I'm a pornstar after a few drinks". On Tuesday, jurors were shown CCTV footage of Tostee's movements after she fell. Wright also allegedly expressed that she wanted to leave several times before that.

by | October 12, 2016 | 04:22

Setting up the PS VR, however, might be a bit more hard than the minor cable management that was required with the PS1. The PlayStation VR is releasing this week and Sony has chose to create a video series teaching the consumer the basics of the PS4 headset.

by | October 11, 2016 | 07:22

The trailer features a female character as the main character or the female version of Morgan Yu. Morgan Yu is the protagonist of Prey , and the power to decide whether Morgan is male or female is yours. In Prey , you ride aboard a space station as Morgan Yu. Obviously this maens you can play as either a male or female character, but in any case it's interesting to see the same events play out again, with a different heroine interpreting the situation.

by | October 07, 2016 | 08:38

This is something every Nexus 6P users should annoyed about because they are being laughed at by the Axon 7 club. It told TechCrunch , "Our goal is to make the Google Assistant widely available to users, and we'll continue to launch new surfaces over the course of the next year".

by | October 07, 2016 | 08:37

Yet, the Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X will not get the Android 7.1, which is the latest version of Android and comes with features like Google Assistant , new animations, and a few other enhancements, for another few months even though the Pixel and the Pixel XL are rocking it.

by | October 07, 2016 | 08:24

Indian police on Thursday said suspected militants attacked an army camp in the Handwara District of Kashmir. He said that three AK-47 rifles and large quantity of ammunition including eight assault rifle magazine, two mobile, four radio sets, three Global Positioning System, three under barrel grenade launchers and over Rs 60,000 in cash was recovered from the slain terrorists.

by | October 07, 2016 | 08:23

Meanwhile, the militants again opened fire at the forces who were conducting the search operation, the army official said. The security forces also seized a massive cache of arms and ammunition , including three AK 47 assault rifles, and other items like medical supplies.

by | October 06, 2016 | 08:24

Samsung Electronics' ordinary shares are now trading at approximately 6 times expected one-year forward earnings ex-cash4, well below the valuations which have been consistently achieved by a basket of comparable peers of 11 times expected one-year forward earnings ex-cash, as detailed in the enclosed presentation5, and also in contrast to the 11 times earnings pricing of the KOSPI6 on a one-year forward basis.

by | October 04, 2016 | 01:18

Facebook is trying to replace Craigslist with a buy and sell feature called Marketplace , which lets user post things for sale or buy things. Marketplace will make it easy for users to search for things others are selling in their vicinity, with product categories ranging from books and video games to furniture and home appliances.

by | October 03, 2016 | 05:45

The division's revenue grew 89% year-on-year in the latest quarter. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's preferred phone, the BlackBerry , is going to stop making mobile phones and instead move its production to entirely external companies, according to recent reports .